Bread and Butter


When it comes to butter, some like it hard.  But I gather that we are part of a minority.  I remember early on how excited my mother was by hard butter.  I can still see her rapture, biting into the chunk of it on white sliced bread.  (She struggled to attach it somehow, as she lacked for the proper medium.)  I soon adopted it and there would be no turning back.

As for that bread……I left that behind the first chance I got. Although most white bread is now a thing of the past for me, the one thing that can possibly redeem it is a good hearty crust.  So baguettes are in, and whole grain all the more so.  I like to slice vertically a 5” hunk (hoping for the end piece) and slice that horizontally; restoring the top over the bottom, I then put it in the toaster oven at 325 degrees for about 5 min.  Opened and slightly cooled, the crust comes now into its own, (PI Alert!) a no-nonsense male character, while the interior, rather like its female counterpart, acquires a soft sponginess, the whole thus primed for whatever outfit one desires.  Sliced hard butter, cheese, olive oil, ……..infinity

Here’s a nifty take that suits breakfast, teatime, and even dessert:

Recipe:  Strawberry Bruschetta for the Politically Incorrect

Sliced cold butter (optional)
Strawberry Jam
Sliced Strawberries

Slice a piece of baguette horizontally.  Replace top over bottom and heat at 325 degrees for 5 min.
Open and cool slightly.  Lay on butter and jam and then sliced fruit.

Strawberry Bruschetta

Alternatively, and possibly even better, this can be made with Peaches or Figs,using their respective jams.

Fig Bruschetta


A toast to the Queen!
Good on her that the monarchy has broken down, after 100 years of abstinence, and indulged the Irish with a reconciliatory visit.
And given the dreariness of the day, which is just one of many to be had in Toronto this week, I say, let’s have a drink.  An Irish Coffee, in fact.  This one without the booze.  Sounds oxymoronic, I know.  But trust me, this alternative concoction has a lot going for it.

Recipe: Irish Coffee, Hold the Irish

1) liberally rub lemon on rim of glass
2) plunge rim into a bowl of brown sugar
3) pour great coffee about 2/3 of the way up
4) mound whipped cream on top (copiously)

The combination of these four critical elements works a special charm extending beyond flavor.  The crunch of the sugar, the way it melds with the lemon juice and announces in a slightly shrill tone that it wants your attention, as if you don’t know what’s coming next, and when it comes, you feel in good, familiar, strong hands.  And there all along, the giddy, laughing clumps of cream, insinuating their way into each sip.  It provides a wild panorama of contrasts:  heat, cold, airiness, depth, acidity, creaminess, blackness, whiteness.  It’s some kind of a happening.  Repair to the drawing room, put your feet up, and take it in.  Salut!

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2 Responses to Bread and Butter

  1. Karen Shenfeld says:

    Yum. Sympathetic fallacy. Just as I received this tantalizingly sweet blog, the sweet spring sun burned through the bitter clouds.

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