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Precious Gem of an Olive

Wouldn’t it be great if, just by reading this post, you could actually taste the food I am about to describe?  Then you would know how really wonderful it is, and that it would be worth it to do the … Continue reading

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Dans la Cuisine de mon Père

If Marcel, my father, was still alive, he might be blogging along about food today.  Perhaps his French Canadian background pre-disposed him to a passion for food.  He just loved to eat and to cook.  What would he blog about?  … Continue reading

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Taking the Heat

Sure it’s another cold day in June, but if you believe in weather forecasts (like following your horoscope, only less reliable) you might want to prepare yourself for a hot summer. Begin by bringing a pot of water to a … Continue reading

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How to Tame a Pineapple

When I buy a pineapple, which is about once a week, I have to get the whole deal.  The vulnerable appearance of the sheared, beheaded version, its core hollowed out….. sitting there in its plastic hut….. isolated from its albeit … Continue reading

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