Don’t Try This on the Kids!

Don’t try this on the kids, unless it’s already next weekend and you’re looking to play some kind of trick for Halloween.
Otherwise your reserve of credibility in the What’s Good To Eat department will take a big hit.
I’m talking about messing with a beloved tradition here:  the peanut butter and banana sandwich.
Many moons ago, this mother’s cupboard, although seldom bare, did have its occasional lapses, not so unlike today.  But on a particular and special day back then, the lapse was concerning the medium for said sandwich which would normally have been whole wheat bread.  There was bread, to be sure, but it was rye, and full of caraway seeds to boot!  Well, conventional taste be damned, it would have to do.  It did very well, and now she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recipe: Peanut Butter and Banana on Caraway Rye

2 slices of caraway rye bread
a little smear of unsalted butter,
1 smallish banana, sliced
some peanut butter
some liquid honey

Perhaps you’re thinking:  “you’ve got to be kidding, a recipe for a peanut butter sandwich?”.
But I consider this to be such a special thing that I wouldn’t want anything to go ‘awry’.  (forgive me)
The bread should be fresh and with a good crust and if you can get the kind with ‘extra caraway’, so much the better.  I get mine at Harbord Bakery in Toronto.
Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread.
Smear the butter on the other.
Place the bananas on the buttered slice.
Drizzle honey over the bananas.
Let it sit like that for a minute.  The honey does something with the bananas that makes them happy.
Marry the two components.  Cut in half.
You may find that there are too many bananas for the sandwich.  This is an illusion.  Practically speaking, it might work better with fewer slices if you’re after neatness.  If you can’t get past that notion, leave some of the slices out of it and eat them with a fork along with the sandwich.  But the neatness thing is a hopeless goal.  The bananas seem to want to escape as you bite through (or maybe they just like being pursued).  The crust is chewy and needs an assertive force but that just exacerbates the ‘all hell breaking loose’ aspect and then the honey is crawling down your hand and soon the whole thing is deconstructing and the paper towel napkin is useless against the tide.  Surrender to it.  That’s all you can do.  It might be best eaten as a solitary pleasure.  Or with one or two intimate friends.

I have a challenge for you, dear readers… create (or even just think of) a treat that incorporates these flavors:  banana, peanut, caraway, and honey.  Banana-Peanut Butter- Caraway Nanaimo Bars?  Peanut Butter-Caraway Cookies with Banana Frosting?  We’ll see what next weekend brings……….

Peanut Butter and Banana on Caraway Rye

This, However, You May Try on the Kids, of All Ages:  Meat Hand

And if you have time, be entertained by Vegan Black Metal Chef!
(caution:   might be offensive to some sensibilities)

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7 Responses to Don’t Try This on the Kids!

  1. dj says:

    ok, so i forgive you for not calling me today. posting the Vegan Black Metal Chef video more than made up for your negligence….way better than a phone call. i think you should dedicate this blog to me….

  2. N says:

    PB and ‘nana on caraway bread is great, and the honey is an excellent touch. When I was a child, we always had caraway bread in the house, so PB sandwiches were often made on it. My childhood favorite offers a savory twist on the old favorite. Try substituting thinly sliced garlic dills for the bananas, omit the honey and away you go.

    • Maureen says:

      N! I had a feeling this post would elicit a response from you. And I’m not surprised to find that you (once again) ‘got there’ before me. Your version with the pickles reminds me that when we were kids, we would make pb and mayo sandwiches (on unfortunate white).

  3. Pingback: Gratitude 88: My Favorite Snack Food ~ Apples and Peanut Butter! « Perpetual Gratitude: A Photographic Diary

  4. Very interesting: Stephen’s father would also eat PB and Mayo sandwiches! My mother would pack me for lunch, PB, banana, honey, and cinnamon sandwiches on rye with triple kimmel (caraway). Yum.

    • Maureen says:

      Doh! You had this very thing as a kid?! You are the second reader to have already clued in to this combo! I see I have a lot of catching up to do. I like the sound of the cinnamon in there. Re: the PB/mayo……reminds me too of something my parents made at Thanksgiving…it consisted of ground up (in the meat grinder) peanuts and apples to which they added mayo…..the consistencey was similar to that of haroset. We loved it. Great with turkey.

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