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Pick Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Pick Me Up is the translation of the much beloved Italian dessert Tiramisu.  And Tie Me Down is what you should do if you find me in the same room with it because it really does turn me into a … Continue reading

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The Midas Touch for Potatoes

From somewhere, (though it continues to elude my periodical searches in the multitude of cookbooks here), is this recipe for Sicilian Potatoes.  It’s been altered, of course, along the way, to what extent I’m not even sure.  I think it … Continue reading

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The Brains of the Vegetable Patch

Cabbages.  Brains.  I can see the resemblance.  All those folds and crenellations.  The cross-section of the core looking rather spinal, the tilt of the head casting a thoughtful aspect.  Appealing to our sense of kinship with all life.  Romantic, even. … Continue reading

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