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Cool Whip

My shopping function is disabled by Costco.  Occasionally I can manage the maze of Honest Ed’s.   And I have to be in some kind of special mood to go to the other country of IKEA.  I was recently visited … Continue reading

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Ramping It Up

Back in the day (early 70’s, Halifax), Digger House was a youth hostel of sorts for waifs and vagabonds such as myself.  There we knew a young woman who orchestrated the daily meal from the various foodstuffs that had been … Continue reading

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Cross-dressing in the Cupboard

You think you know someone, for years, decades…..and then you find out that there’s this other side, that the real persona lies beneath the surface.  You had already made the adjustments back in second grade when you lost the argument, … Continue reading

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Prepping for Passover

With Passover clearly on the horizon, my thoughts turn to the eight days of menus that will have to be free of ‘hametz’ (which refers to leavened food) and that means going beyond eliminating mere bread.  Anything containing even traces … Continue reading

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Suffering Fools Gladly

I admit that I’d be better off eating ‘ful medames’, which is an Egyptian dish of fava beans, olive oil, and herbs.  This would be the wise choice: to opt for the fiber, phosphorus, and folic acid.  But I’m a … Continue reading

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