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A Garlicky Escapade

We once had a garden on the upper backside of a large lot that held the first house we owned.   Although neighboring trees provided serious competition for nutrients and water, at least there was enough sunlight to satisfy the needs … Continue reading

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Desserts for Dads (and Dieters Too)

My dad was a great food and cooking enthusiast.  He was Captain of the Kitchen and my mother was only too happy to defer to his initiative.  Except in the sweets department, which was clearly her domain.  She merrily kept … Continue reading

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Presto Spelto!

Afflicted as I am with White Food Fatigue, I have been on a hunt, long-term, for some whole grain orzo.  It just wasn’t turning up.  Not at Whole Foods, not at the Little League health food stores, certainly not at … Continue reading

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