Sweet Relief

When the humidity glues your crossed legs together and you painfully peel one bare layer of skin off of the other, when the mercury turns your brain to mush and you start to wonder if someone has slipped something into your drink, you know it’s time to get out of the heat.  Escape (however temporary) is possible even for those without conditioned air.  The usual solutions seem to target the lethargic (and that would be me), promoting malls, museums, and movies.  A less ordinary approach could send us packing for London where the temps this week will be merely in the upper teens and lower twenties.  We could turn to Japan and try burning moxa on our heads.  Or fry up some eel, as is done there on Unagi Day, purportedly to cool the body.

As a sometime member of those great lethargic masses, I’m thinking retrograde, back to the ultra-ordinary:  the homemade popsickle.   A trip to the dollar store might be necessary if you don’t already have a mold collecting dust in the basement.  Beyond that, it doesn’t take much.  Simply, a fruit juice goes into either a mold or some paper cups, followed by some sticks, and a spell in the freezer.  But if you’re like me and keep a jar of herbal iced tea in the fridge, throw some of that in along with a few berries and a dash of ginger beer.  Voila.  Coolsickles.

Fruited Tea Popsickles

While waiting for the dang things to freeze (it helps to use a little forethought, like the night before the heat alert),  you can cool down with some great iceberg photography at:

Camille Seaman

And when you finally get to refresh with the fruits of your labor, enjoy them while checking out these:

Cool bus stops


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