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Chicken of the Woods

Of certain luxuries I am beyond temptation.  The creative departments of many a food corporation continue to go through all kinds of contortions in an attempt to lure the consumer, criss-crossing tastes and textures ….Buffalo Wing Potato Chips, Steak and … Continue reading

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The Wrapture

Being as we are now in the thick of it with the temperature and the humidity and no one wants to cook, let alone eat hot or heavy food, the call for light fare is as clear as a dinner … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Vegetarian Moussaka

Moussaka!  What a word!  It’s like a cry of triumph.  How could you not love a food with a name like this?  It rolls like music off the tongue and teases the brain with the promise of pleasure. The origin … Continue reading

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Fantasy Dinner Date

Although it’s rare that I’ll walk past an opportunity for a lost chocolate weekend, let’s face it:  I’m a grinch when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  If only we could be spared the cheer-leading that so often wraps itself around … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves, Shoots and Eats

I notice new growth at this time of year…. do they know, these plants that have so much hope and faith, that these favorable conditions will not continue on their merry way for long?  Yet, I see young  mullein, just … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day Canada!

I am ever so happy to be celebrating Canada Day for the first time as a citizen! But no, I won’t be passing out red-and-white cake or posting the recipe.  (What is it with the red cake movement?) What would … Continue reading

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