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La Grande Ratatouille

It’s that time of year when the farmers’ markets are running at peak rpm and I’m cheek to jowl in the swarm of lovers of good food.  And of its purveyors:  I can only marvel at the human effort involved … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Vegetarian Moussaka

Moussaka!  What a word!  It’s like a cry of triumph.  How could you not love a food with a name like this?  It rolls like music off the tongue and teases the brain with the promise of pleasure. The origin … Continue reading

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Just for the Smell of It

About this new clothesline that I recently installed (not hard really):  I owe it to Monforte Dairy.  I was trying to put into words the captivating experience of smelling their Pecorino Fresco cheese.  And it’s hard to do it justice … Continue reading

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