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Salad Secrets Revealed

If you follow many food blogs, by now you’re probably referenced out on Julia Child, who, if she were still here, would have celebrated her 100th this past week… forgive me for adding another thin mint to the buffet.  Who … Continue reading

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Sea Bounty

Knowing that the season for sea asparagus is a short one and soon to come to a close, I was relieved to have made it to the farmers’ market yesterday just in time to nab the last bag of it … Continue reading

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A Lion with Teeth

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” –Pablo Picasso A child is like an extraterrestrial.  Or, at least, my idea of one.  The newness of everything it comes into contact … Continue reading

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Cross-dressing in the Cupboard

You think you know someone, for years, decades…..and then you find out that there’s this other side, that the real persona lies beneath the surface.  You had already made the adjustments back in second grade when you lost the argument, … Continue reading

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Fantasy Dinner Date

Although it’s rare that I’ll walk past an opportunity for a lost chocolate weekend, let’s face it:  I’m a grinch when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  If only we could be spared the cheer-leading that so often wraps itself around … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Business

A Happy New Year to All! If it weren’t logically impossible, I would resolve to make no resolutions.  They too easily act like a set-up for failure and guilt.  And yet, after all the season’s hubbub and distractions, it’s only … Continue reading

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P’s and Q’s

Pumpkins and Quandaries The first thing that grabbed my attention as I advanced toward the entrance of Fortino’s Supermarket was not the sign inviting all to take free pumpkins last Thursday..……the very first thing that I beheld was a pair … Continue reading

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