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Sea Bounty

Knowing that the season for sea asparagus is a short one and soon to come to a close, I was relieved to have made it to the farmers’ market yesterday just in time to nab the last bag of it … Continue reading

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From Coast to Coast

Native edible plants are, for the average consumer, not necessarily cheap or accessible, and as a result they have acquired something of an exotic cast.  But at least they still exist, and as well as serving as a blessing to … Continue reading

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Desserts for Dads (and Dieters Too)

My dad was a great food and cooking enthusiast.  He was Captain of the Kitchen and my mother was only too happy to defer to his initiative.  Except in the sweets department, which was clearly her domain.  She merrily kept … Continue reading

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Suffering Fools Gladly

I admit that I’d be better off eating ‘ful medames’, which is an Egyptian dish of fava beans, olive oil, and herbs.  This would be the wise choice: to opt for the fiber, phosphorus, and folic acid.  But I’m a … Continue reading

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And in Worst-Dressed Category…….

On outward appearance alone, it doesn’t seem to be vying for an Oscar…..unless you mean Oscar the Grouch.  Chocolate Pudding Cake…..that is some nasty-looking piece of work.  But in recognition of its significant contribution to the world of desserts, I … Continue reading

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Fantasy Dinner Date

Although it’s rare that I’ll walk past an opportunity for a lost chocolate weekend, let’s face it:  I’m a grinch when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  If only we could be spared the cheer-leading that so often wraps itself around … Continue reading

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Pick Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Pick Me Up is the translation of the much beloved Italian dessert Tiramisu.  And Tie Me Down is what you should do if you find me in the same room with it because it really does turn me into a … Continue reading

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